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About the Video Workshops

Transform your nervous system from the inside out with our intensive 90-minute video workshops, featuring built-in writing and meditation exercises you can't find anywhere else.

Disarming Your Danger System

Overcome fear and learn how to cultivate a sense of safety in your brain and body.

Reprogram your pain patterns, triggers, and habits with lasting strategies.

Practice self compassion and move through life's failures with a new understanding of yourself.

Build confidence in yourself by learning to work WITH your critical voice instead.

Draw boundaries that will protect your time, protect your energy, and transform your relationships for the better.

Reprocess past stressors with a new perspective and move forward with confidence.

Stop feeling like a victim and rediscover your true self.

Find your zest for life by exploring activities that activate your body's natural pain inhibitors.

Respond to stress with ease by developing foolproof strategies for a calmer nervous system.

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